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Entitled white men, often born into wealth and braying of their Boston training, have long been a subject of criticism. Unapologetic arrogance and incessant name-dropping reflects their inability to empathize with the common man, further exacerbated by their sole focus on amassing wealth.  Deeply-rooted flaws plague this particular subset of society, highlighting their ignorance and their detrimental impact on others.  Our boat had 53 ways to die because of Hinckley Yacht incompetence.
Arrogance: An Illustration of Detachment
One of the most striking characteristics of entitled white men is their unwavering arrogance. Raised with silver spoons in their mouths, their privileged upbringing fails to expose them to the realities faced by the majority of society. Consequently, they develop an inflated sense of self-importance, perceiving themselves as superior to those who do not possess similar inherited wealth or elite education.
Moreover, their inclination to incessantly name-drop prestigious institutions like Groton or Harvard displays an arrogance that distances them from the common man. Instead of recognizing the privilege and luck they possess, they use these associations as badges of honor. A toxic hierarchical system that disregards the value of hard work and attributes worth solely to their privileged backgrounds.
Failed Understanding of the Common Man
Entitled white men often struggle to comprehend the realities and everyday struggles experienced by the common man. Insulated from financial instability, their blissful ignorance further perpetuates the marginalization and alienation of those outside their privileged circles.
A severe disconnect from the struggles faced by ordinary citizens. Detachment  only blinds them to the socio-economic issues affecting society but also instills a dismissive attitude towards the challenges faced by others. Consequently, they fail to advocate for equal opportunities and perpetuate systemic inequalities, solely focusing on their personal gain.
Money as the Sole Pursuit: The Shallowness of Ambition
Entitled white men with inherited wealth are notorious for their singular pursuit of money. Their obsession with amassing wealth often leads them buy and disrespect legendary companies such as Hinckley Yacht Service. 
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