The Decline of Hinckley Yachts

Hinckley Company was once a boating treasure and legend, known for exceptional craftsmanship and quality design. However, the current state of the company under the ownership of Jerry Lundquist (McKinsey & Co), Brooks Gordon (W. P. Carey), David Howe (Scout Partners LLC) is a far cry from this legacy, marked by dangerous safety concerns and a focus solely on profits. It is time for the owners to sell the company and allow a new owner to respect and restore the heritage of this once-great company.

Angry customers take to streets to protest against Hinckley Yacht Services/Talaria.

Protests tarnish Hinckley boat show June 11, 2022, in St. Michael's, Maryland. Hinckley Yacht services employees forced to defend declining reputation

Public protests. The soul of Henry R. Hinckley sleeps uneasily these times, as poor quality tarnishes his once sterling reputation. 
Hinckley Yacht Service employees were forced to defend poor workmanship at the Hinckley Boat Show in St. Michael’s, Maryland.

Prospective Hinckley owners were treated to protest signs.

Water Bottle Protest

United States Boat Show Protests 2022: Annapolis, Maryland

9 Days of Protest

United States Boat Shows in Annapolis

  • Annapolis Powerboat shows October 6-9th, 2022

  • Annapolis Sailboat October 13-17th, 2022 

16.9 ounce limited edition Hinckley bottles were ordered in 6 original designs, to raise awareness about the decline of Hinckley Yacht Services. 

The same employees  who worked on the Bermuda 40 also work on the Hinckley Talaria.  Our Bermuda 40 puts lives at risk. Is your Talaria safe ? 

Hinckley cannot hide the truth.  Our voice is powerful!

Allison talking about declining Hinckley quality

Hinckley Yacht Services tarnishes a legend: The Hinckley Death Ship

The Bermuda 40 was Hinckley’s first fiberglass boat. “According to Jack Horner of “the B-40 was to become the bellwether for future production and established Hinckley as the premier North American Yacht builder of exceptional quality sailing yachts”. Hinckley manufactured 203 Bermuda 40’s over forty years.

Independent experts counted over 70 problems that Hinckley Yacht Service caused or ignored.

22-Critical safety items, that pose a direct risk of fire, explosion, electrocution, injury, or loss of life.

31-Important safety issues that may compromise safe operation, the vessel may lose power, lose control or flood as a result of this problem.

17-Not immediately serious, that may lead to substantial failures and/or repair costs in the future.

How the mighty have fallen.

The boat’s nickname is “The Hinckley Death Ship”. Independent analysis of Hinckley Yacht Services repairs exposed 53 critical and important safety items, that posed a direct risk of fire, explosion, electrocution, injury, or loss of life on the most famous and longest made boat in the company’s history.

Jerry Lundquist did you buy Hinckley Yachts and Hunt Yachts with blood money ?

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